Glazed roofs

Ultraroof glazed roofs help to create warm, bright spaces.

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Aluminium, with added thermal cleverness.

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Our glazed roofs use superior technology to create warm, bright spaces in your home. 

Our lantern roofs are a great option if you’re looking for an effective roofing system for your home extension. Discreet yet stylish, they allow light to flood into your home. The sleek contemporary look makes it a great fit for any home, and as it is 65% more thermally efficient than conventional aluminium lantern roofs, you won’t be left out in the cold! 

For more versatility, go for our skylights. With a stunning contemporary look, they’ll bring natural light pouring into your home whatever the weather. Our simple click-fit frame allows for easy, quick installation and unparalleled thermal efficiency.

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Technical Specifications

Lantern Roof

  • Thermal efficiency – up to 65% better performance than other aluminium roof systems
  • Stylish – You can choose a 66% smaller ridge for a sleek contemporary option
  • Quick – Easy and painless to install so there’s minimal disruption for you
  • Hard wearing – strong, durable aluminium gives a premium architectural look
  • Colour – You can choose from any RAL colour for your lantern roof, or go for different colours for the interior and exterior to match your home. 
  • Sleek – 20° pitch allows discreet use of top caps and internal covers with no unsightly gaps


  • Click-fit frame – results in a fast, precision fit with no trims or fuss
  • Quiet – The stepped units can block out over 34dB of unwanted noise
  • Insulated – The “Warm Frame” technology has a u-value as low as 1.2
  • Distinctive – Frameless glass and slim aluminium give a sleek, contemporary finish
  • Colour – With a wide range of colour choices, make sure your skylights match your other windows and doors
  • Waterproof kerb – this option allows the kerb and skylight to be installed at the same time

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Frequently Asked Questions

The price of a glass roof depends on the size required, amongst other specifications. Contact us for a quote today.
Glass roofs are often referred to as glazed roofs, skylights, or rooflights. The term ‘glazed roof’ might be used to describe a larger glass roof, whereas ‘skylight’ can describe a smaller ‘window within a roof’.
Though you may think that glass roofs are less insulative than solid brick or tiled roofs, they’re actually extremely effective at blocking out outside noise. As long as your glass is double or triple glazed, then you shouldn’t find noise to be an issue.
When purchased from a reputable supplier, glass is an extremely safe roof material. Our glass roofs are made with toughened double glazed glass as standard. Plus, they are custom made to your specifications, ensuring a perfect fit on any property. If you have any security concerns, feel free to phone us for a chat.
Glass roofs are considered to be preferable to polycarbonate roofs as they have a longer lifespan (more than 20 years) and are more durable. While polycarbonate is a robust material, it is prone to scratching and weather damage over time. Glass roofs are a little more expensive, but can withstand the elements, offer excellent thermal efficiency, let more light into your interior, and are better at reducing noise from the street.
Though they seem similar, there are a few differences between roof windows and skylights. Roof windows are regarded as ‘off-the-shelf’ products, whereas skylights are made to measure. Roof windows must be sold with a CE and the manufacturer must provide a declaration of performance (DOP) to customers. They fall under British Standards regulation BS EN 14351-1:201, which states that they must be fitted in the same orientation and ‘in plane’ with the surrounding roof.
No. You should not be able to hear excessive noise in a room with a lantern roof. As long as the glass in the roof is toughened or double glazed and the roof has been installed properly, you will not notice any more noise than you would with a regular brick or tiled roof. While you might hear some extremely loud noises, you shouldn’t have any issues with day-to-day sounds.
Planning permission isn’t usually required for a lantern roof as long as it does not extend 150 mm above the sloping plane of the existing roof. Also, it can be no higher than the highest part of the roof, have obscure glazing if positioned in a side elevation roof slope, and have no roof openings (unless it is at least 1.7m above the floor).
As roof lanterns are made from glass, they inevitably let more light into a room than regular brick and tiled roofs. They are a great addition for those looking to open up their interior space and create a bright, airy feel.
It’s difficult for us to give a precise number, as the cost of your roof lantern will vary depending on its placement, style and the materials used.

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