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A garden room is a great way to expand your indoor space without the hassle of constructing a full extension or conservatory. The Ultraframe components in our garden rooms are designed for use in extensions, so you can be sure that your structure is compliant with Building Regulations for energy efficiency. Plus, with integrated rooflights, you can enjoy plenty of natural sunlight in your garden hideaway.

Comfort is everything when it comes to garden rooms, so we’ve designed ours with real-life use in mind. While you might think the large glass surface area would expose your garden room to the cold, the walls of our garden rooms provide better insulation than a typical house. You’ll be able to use your warm, cosy ‘home not so far away from home’ all year round.

Garden rooms by Ultraframe are finished in contemporary anthracite grey that requires very little maintenance. Every garden room has an impressive lifespan of over 30 years and is built for durability against the elements. You’ll be able to enjoy your extra space for years to come, rain or shine.

What should you use your garden room for? Your imagination is the limit. Turn it into a workspace, fitness room, entertainment space or hideaway for socialising.

Your garden room options? Choose from:

The Studio
The simple, stylish and contemporary option that doesn’t require planning permission (even within two metres of a boundary). This room features full height glazing, integrated rooflights and insulated walls for excellent energy efficiency. Customise your privacy by choosing two or three walls and enjoy a wonderfully versatile space at the end of your garden.

The Tall Studio
As a taller version of the classic Studio, this is the perfect option for those looking to use their garden room as a workout studio or home gym. It is 2900mm high, making it ideal for a wide range of activities. You’ll need planning permission to construct this garden room (whether it is within or beyond two metres of a boundary).

The Pavillion
As a more traditional structure, this garden room draws on the look and feel of an orangery. It has a Georgian style roof with the option for four rooflights (to bring lots of natural light into your space). With plenty of room for work, play, or relaxation, The Pavillion is a great option for those who’d like a larger garden room. You’ll need planning permission to construct this garden room (whether it is within or beyond two metres of a boundary).

The Premium Pavillion
As a higher spec version of the Pavillion model, the Premium Pavillion boasts exclusive inline columns. These make a real style statement and enable you to have three glazed walls for more natural light. You’ll need planning permission to construct this garden room (whether it is within or beyond two metres of a boundary).


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Technical Specifications

  • Fade free – Ultraframe garden sheds won’t fade like cedar-clad alternatives
  • Bright – natural light can shine through cost-effective, integrated rooflights
  • Durable – Building Regulation approved parts with a 30+ year life span
  • Fast – available on a 10-day lead time and watertight in less than a day

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Frequently Asked Questions

You shouldn’t need planning permission for a garden room as they usually fall within permitted development. This being said, there are some limitations. It should have a maximum eaves height of 2.5m and an overall maximum height of 2.5m if it is within two metres of a boundary. There are a few other restrictions to keep in mind, so refer to the Planning Portal for what you need to know.
Garden rooms cost between £800 and £1600 per square metre. The exact cost will depend on your chosen model of garden room and the unique quote from your installer. Remember, you will need to purchase your garden room and pay for labour to construct it.
If you want to sleep in your garden room regularly or turn it into a granny annexe then you’ll require planning permission. Having a sofa bed in there that guests can occasionally use is fine and won’t require planning permission, but you can’t live in there. You’ll also need planning permission if you want plumbing in your garden room.
Almost certainly. While a garden room may not add as much value to your home as an extension or conservatory, people always value extra interior space. And with more people working from home, a potential garden office will stand out to prospective buyers as a useful feature. Getting a garden room is a great way to increase the appeal of your home without going through the hassle of getting an extension.
We can create your bifold doors to open inwards or outwards. It’s completely up to you. Outward opening bi-folds are more popular as they don’t take up any precious indoor space. This being said, if you have a small patio area leading just outside your doors, then you might not want them to extend into this space and inward opening bi-folds might be the best option for you.
There are no strict requirements for how far away from your neighbours fence your shed needs to be. However, you’ll still want to avoid placing your shed right up against the fence as this could lead to damp issues. You should leave a small gap between them so they can both breathe.
Yes. Garden rooms are a cost effective way to increase the floor space of your home. You don’t usually need planning permission and they are much cheaper than the cost of an extension or conservatory, so they’re a great option for those on a budget. Plus, as they are attractive features for prospective buyers, when you come to sell your property you’ll see a return on your investment.
As garden rooms are among nature and tend to be light and airy, it’s easy to make them look great. Even some minimum decoration can turn your garden room into a relaxing haven away from your main property. While some people prefer to create a natural, rustic look with lots of greenery and soft furnishings, a sleek and modern look can be a great option for a home office.
Pretty much anything! Whether you’re looking to create an extra chill out space, a garden office, or a second living room, a garden room can be designed to accommodate the space of your dreams. You can even switch up the interior decor if you get bored with using your room in one way, and turn it into something completely different. The only thing to keep in mind is that if you want to use your garden room as a permanent bedroom (using a sofa bed in there now and again is fine), then you’ll need planning permission.
It takes around 2 to 6 days to build a garden room. Precisely how long will depend on the design and size of your garden room. Your installer will be able to give you an approximate timeframe.
When choosing a garden room, browse through online brochures for inspiration or visit some in-person showrooms to get an idea of what would suit your own garden. Likewise, if you have any friends or family with a garden room, have a chat with them about what they like about it and what they’d like to change. Quality is more important than aesthetics, so ensure you purchase through a reputable supplier for a structure that will last.

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