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Our work and our ethos

Happier Deals was built from scratch to suit the needs of the modern consumer.  We save you time and money by giving you instant prices for the highest quality products in the UK, delivered quickly.  We have ruthlessly cut out unnecessary cost, this no-frills approach lets us keep prices down and quality at a maximum. — with plenty of happy customers to vouch for us, we genuinely care about our customers and want you to have the best of everything.

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Our story

We are industry experts and run one of the most highly regarded family home improvement companies in the UK with a turnover of £30 million.  With several hundred employees, a state of the art factory and rigorous quality standards you can rest assured that you are in safe hands.

We are changing the way that people buy home improvement products and over the past few years we have quietly been bringing our quick, no-fuss approach to customers across Britain.

We can work all over the country through our network of regional builders and installers, whilst retaining the prices and personal touch of local tradespeople.


How we work

Saving Your Time & Money

Our easy to use online configurators give you instant prices and specification and enables you to order online.  We will call after you have placed your order, to offer advice and make sure that you have exactly what you want prior to manufacture.

We will agree a delivery date with you and hey presto, you are all done.  – nice and simple.

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Our guarantee

Get peace of mind from our robust manufacturers guarantee.

Our products are made to the highest specification and are sourced from world class manufacturers, with rigorous quality standards. Because if you’re not happy, we’re not happy.

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